Sunday, 7 October 2012

Fish and poems

I made a fish:

I also took a very bad photo of my fish - sorry about that.  I finished him absolutely at the last minute before handing him in for the branch competition, so had to grab my camera to take with me and take a photo when I got to the meeting.  I was late finishing him because his background was water INsoluble fabric - he floated in the bath all night, then had a shower, then had a scrub in the sink - and was still full of gloop.  What a palaver.  

I think  I like him - I do like the tail.
He's all completely recycled or second-hand - fabric, beads, ring pulls, plastic bags etc.  Yes, a certain amount of beer had to be consumed to make this fish - I wanted more gold-coloured ring pulls!  

And talking of Himself, the one who drank the beer, it was only partly to provide the ring pulls for my fish but mostly to celebrate the publication of the first Kindle book!

So, if you would like a lovely little ebook of sonnets, look no further than here!


  1. He's very sweet - I like him! But I know what you mean, when you make something there's always the 'do I like it or do I not?' dilemma. I think sometimes putting it away for a while helps the ball to land more firmly on one side of the fence :-)

    The sonnet book sounds interesting, I'm off to have a look now.

  2. It is a very fine fish indeed... I like him muchly!And very pleased to hear that "himself" is willing to make sacrifices like drinking beer to support your art. To be commended.Off to check those sonnets...

  3. Love the fab fish...he certainly has a fine tail!
    (Great use of ring pulls ;-)
    My husband is buying the book as I type this (he's the one with the kindle ;-) Looking forward to reading it...and wish your DH great success xx


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