Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Half term report

It all started quite well, with the creation of a button babe for Granny:

And Granny was duly chuffed.

I proceeded to make a little seascape on a canvas (new idea for presenting work):

I was quite pleased, but remain confused as to how to finish the back.  In galleries you can't just take stuff off the wall and see how other people have finished things and rigged up a hanging mechanism - which is a shame as I really really want to know!

Then it all went downhill, with my sudden urge to play with plaster bandage:

At least I ended up with a finished bowl, entitled "Are we nearly there yet?". 
And yes, there's a double meaning in that...

Having my fill of plaster and acrylic and glue and all manner of sticky stuff, I then got all in a lather and made some felt:

And so it remains: I haven't got any further with it.  It's loosely based on a cross-section of a plant stem.

During all this, the Girl was being wonderful and creative and exceedingly well behaved.
Shame I wasn't.  I got in a huge temper on Friday and slammed the airing cupboard door, so the hook that holds the ironing board (what's that?) got half ripped out and so I had to clear out part of the wardrobe to store it elsewhere.  In so doing, I had to dig this out:

It's my "metre piece" from my City & Guilds Diploma. 
It's now going in the Art Trail and may just save the day.
(It is also loosely based on microscopic detail of plant stems and cells).

Temper has improved now, and I have moved on to other things, much to the relief of the whole family.


  1. I love the seascape - not sure about how to finish the back, but is there any way of stapling it into the wooden back frame?

  2. I wish I got so creative when I'm in a bad temper, things just get mostly wrecked. x

  3. It is obviously much better to give vent to your feelings than hold them back when you find treasures to display. I'm just about to encounter the same problem with a box frame so may pop into my local gallery and ask them. Will let you know if you haven't found out already.

  4. Ooh, that last piece of work is lovely, and I love the felt too :)

  5. You do make me laugh, what a whirlwind you are! I think you just staple to the back, trim neatly & the thing then just 'perches' on the hooks/nails in the wall. You could add D rings & string, tight across, I guess. The seascape is just lovely!


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