Friday, 17 June 2011

From the ashes

Well, not ashes as such, just the general scene of destruction and chaos that is my desk:

which has also spread, is like a tide of messiness, now lapping the shore of the remaining clear bits of dining table...we will surely drown in messiness....this little arrangement next to where I sit to eat has been growing steadily all week:

I'll just have to eat off my lap "in front of the box" as Granny used to say.
How did we get from ashes to floods to TV dinners? 

Anyway, from the ashes springs new life - I have been busy sticking stuff in frames to make it all look a bit more "pro":

and spot the difference:

I found these frames locally, and I've also rescued a fair few from the charity shops.  I intend to strip those ones back and take the glass out, and have spent countless hours perusing the interweb looking at framing equipment.  (Why isn't Gonecycling "Gonecarpentering"?  He cuts wood like I cycle up hills - a lot of moaning and effort, and ending up all hot and bothered).

OH YES.  I forgot to mention.  Remember this?

I came second!  Hooray!  I lost to a rockpool...


  1. Your textiles look lovely in the frames, do those ones have glass in? I'm never quite sure if how to frame textiles. But I do understand totally about desk spread, my textile mess seems to migrate more than anything else! And as for losing to a rock pool, what were the judges thinking?!

  2. If you think that's a mess remind me to never let you in my house! LOL
    Congrats on second but I think you was robbed x

  3. That is not a mess! The framed work looks lovely.

  4. Your artwork looks great in have inspired me!
    As Sue says...will you put glass in - or spray with Scotchguard?

    Congrats re: your win.
    Second is definitely still a win....:-)

  5. Ooh - Scotchguard? Never thought of that. Has anyone tried that?

  6. They look lovely, my first 10 frames have arrived...they're ok as they didn't cost a fortune but I'll get used to them & it does look more professional. 2nd's pretty darn good!(Did you say mess?)


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