Sunday, 22 May 2011

Round and round

I have discovered, much to my delight, that if one stitches round and round and round then things that are supposed to be bowl-shaped really do become bowls, all of their own accord.

I sort of knew this, but forgot.  I am chuffed.

This is an experiment with paper, water soluble and wool fibres - felty on the inside and distressed papery on the outside.  When I've added a few beads to the edge, I'll coat the outside with something stiffening.

I'm also chuffed that I seem to have made another thing without even trying, so that's two bowls this week.  This despite being busy with exams (other people's, not mine - I just pace up and down and hand out pencils) and finally teaching the much-anticipated session on dyeing.  If you add up all the hours I spent fretting and preparing and mixing stuff and so on, it took a whole week of preparation for two and a half hours of teaching. 

I think it was worth it though:

 These are one of my student's nine rainbow dyed squares, which I did for her as she was unable to make the class.  The others took theirs home to rinse so if they've all turned out as vibrant as this I'm deeply chuffed (not to mention relieved) all over again!


  1. That bowl is looking lovely, and how clever that the stitching makes the bowl happen. I'd never have thought of that. I love the colours in it.

  2. Very clever way of making a bowl (I didn't know that was waht happened when you stitched round and round!)

  3. Goodness, such a lot of success, you deserve it!

    Get a screen, it is so worth it (after your open studios, I don't want to be the cause of you loosing focus!)

  4. How clever...the bowl looks great!

  5. Your bowl is looking great, cant wait o see it with beads on.


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