Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Thanks for that

Thank you Hugh for the wasted two hours and the washing up and the lake of brown butter that was poured off the gritty grainy mass of brown sugary squidgy stuff currently "resting" in my baking tin and pretending to be fudge...A wonderful way to spend a rainy afternoon!

Any fudge experts out there?  Why did my butter separate?  Should I have used salted butter (Hugh calls for unsalted).  Should I have stirred it while it boiled up to soft ball (Hugh says don't stir).  Did I heat it too long before boiling up?  I was patiently trying to get the sugar to dissolve...Did I whack up the heat too dramatically to reach soft ball?  Did I beat it too much while it cooled?  (Hugh says it can take up to 10 minutes of beating).  Is there any way of rescuing it?  I tried reheating it but to no avail...

We're disappointed and forlorn.  Even the puppy looks sad, but he's a whippet and it's raining and Dad went away for the day with his waterproof coat in the boot of the car...
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  1. Oh dear! No answers I'm afraid. I've always used the recipe in my "Good Housekeeping Cook Book" which always works.


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