Friday, 22 October 2010

Now we're getting somewhere

How about combining both bits of felt, using both "wrong" sides?  Aha.  I think I like where this is going now.

Meanwhile, we had a night out - with babysitters and everything (yes, literally - slippers, knitting, dog, dog bed...) - first time for about two years - I'm not kidding.  And what did we go and do?  We went to see this:

And I whilst I wasn't the only girl, the audience was mostly male and slender...GOSH I want to go and see the Tour again!  We 'll have to get the child into a posh school so we can go on holiday in July...

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  1. Iz... thank you so much for the comment just left on my blog. I wasn't sure how to contact you (I sometimes reply to comments but I'm not sure they get through if there isn't an email address on your blog.) I would love to have a small piece of your mothers tatting, that is so kind of you. If you drop me an email I'll give you my address. Gina x


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