Monday, 6 September 2010

Just something I knocked up this weekend

I decorated my sister's wedding cake, according to Mother's instructions:

"You're decorating the cake and the marquee and the hall for the ceremony.  Here are two buckets of flowers to do 16 table vases and 9 window vases, save the flowers you need to do the cake, how about these big pom pom dahlias for the top - there are only these three, no more where they came from. Here are three very delicate yet heavy cakes with soft icing to transport across the welsh countryside in the boot of your car, here are two spare cakes for top tiers but there is no spare cake for the bottom tier.  Here is some wire, here are some polystyrene blocks and cake sticks, here are the instructions.  Oh, and take this pot of parsley and this recipe over to Jane and show her how to make 3kg of couscous according to this recipe, and if Nick could blow up 100 balloons and arrange them in the marquee that would be great, and we'll see you in two hours".

Amazing what you can do with a bit of adrenalin, wire and a bucket load of sweet peas...(and an Aunt, Uncle, sister-in-law and a 9 year old to boss about....)
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  1. Fantastic job! Hope you all had a brilliant time.

  2. Thank you! We had a blast - a truly great weekend with wonderful people. Jen, my little sweet pea sister, looked (and still is) beautiful. Will post more pics later!


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