Monday, 20 September 2010

Still Struggling with Spikes

Still struggling to make a spiky thing, as inspired by chimney brushes...

This next one is even less spiky, more fluffy
Sometimes I really despair.  I have ideas, but no idea how to translate them into something pleasing.  I footle around and create these ridiculous things, but never seem to make any sort of creative breakthrough.
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  1. Thank you for your lovely comment. I'm sorry I have been a bit of misery. I think your ideas are looking good, don't despair. I am a big fan of machine embroidery and I'm sure you'll find more ways of translating ideas when you get going on the course.

  2. Hi! If you are looking to make spikes (or 'dreads', as I call them), check out my posts on the subject:
    These don't really give specifics, just photos...but the idea is to roll them between your fingers from end to attachment (or on bubble-wrap, a sushi mat or a rough mat for friction) OVER and OVER and OVER...pulling them (gently!!!) as you sense that they are becoming stronger. The rolling and pulling make them very firm and nice.
    (Hope this helps a bit!!)

  3. Thank you for the lovely comments!
    My next idea for felted spikes is to thread them onto something from their ends, instead of making them come out of a felted middle...friends who saw previous spikes at the weekend pointed out that chimney brushes don't have blobby middles. Pipecleaners were also mentioned, but I'm not sure.
    The fluffy "spikes" here weren't felted, but were made from a flattened pompom of Colinette yarn...onwards and upwards...


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