Sunday, 7 June 2020

Dorset, Durness, Deadlines and Doing things backwards

Well these are strange times. I'm sure that's been said before!

This week I was supposed to be teaching in Dorset, then heading off up to the far north of Scotland to one of my favourite places, Durness. 

It was on Balnakiel beach at Durness that this photo of my Granny was taken over 30 years ago. Sums her up. Tough, out-doorsy, headscarf, sensible trousers, in one of her favourite places - Scotland. I even swam that day, just around the corner from Balnakiel. I was planning on doing exactly that this time too. And puffins. I was so looking forward to seeing puffins, and we'd planned several jaunts to puffin-rich locations to track them down.

So Dorset isn't happening until 2022, and Durness isn't happening until next year. 

So why not create another deadline for myself instead?

As you may know, I've been working away on my first online course. There's a natural deadline coming up this week that ties in beautifully with an idea I've had for signing up a test group. Say no more say no more, but if you want in on the secret and a chance to be in it, make sure you've signed up to my newsletter. The invitation will be going out tomorrow Monday 8 June - and places will be limited. 

And doing things backwards?

Wouldn't it have been good to have thought through exactly how to film, edit, write, host, market, test, and sign up a course before giving myself a deadline to do it all?

Then again, sleep's overrated, isn't it?!


  1. Look forward to reading about it tomorrow

  2. Isobel, I was only thinking about you today and that we should all be starting our course in sunny Dorset with you tomorrow, but the virus has got in the way, still at least I can follow you on line with your teaching good luck you got this.��

    1. Thanks Maria! (Sorry I've only just found your comment - for some reason Blogger doesn't let me know!)

  3. To be honest, I think sleep is underrated, but I do know what you mean!

    1. Seriously bad insomnia the last few weeks was not fun, but now we're up and running my brain has calmed down. The 2am flashes of inspiration, while sort of thrilling, are also very draining!


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