Thursday, 15 November 2018


Leaves. Always liked a good leaf. I've had a little pile of eucalyptus leaves in my studio for weeks now, along with jar of rusty nails. And yesterday, I actually combined A with B and did this:

I followed the instructions by Caroline Bell in the first WoW book by Maggie  Grey. I used calico and lining paper. The darkest prints were weeds from the garden! The eucalyptus made the pan smell...interesting...but didn't really produce clear prints.

Not sure what happens next.

And talking of leaves, the torrential rain the other evening did very interesting things in our local woods. The rain poured off the neighbouring field and overran the ditches in the wood, swooshing along everything from the woodland floor as it went and carving swathes of dark, earthy paths through the carpet of leaves.

I love the way the leaves have been lined up, like pages in a book - or leaves, indeed. 

And the way the sticks and twigs are now facing the same way.

Love it. 


  1. Love the dog in the last shot - "Come along, it's lovely in here!"

  2. We all love the woods, and kicking through the leaves this time of year. So satisfying!


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