Monday, 9 March 2015

My second favourite pastime

This post was going to be a sharing post with loads of photos of students' work. But seeing as my husband has "borrowed" my laptop for the day, and uploading and formatting photos takes forever on the ithing, perhaps could be a Teaching Tuesday post.

Meanwhile, back at today, I am indulging in my love/hate/favourite/detested pastime: a spot of procrastination! On the surface, I am having a lovely time. I'm now winding up threads and stranded cottons. 

I rescued this lot from the bin early this morning, having chucked them out late last night as I couldn't be bothered to sort them.

I had already sorted this lot, while watching a telly programme about wolves...I know I will always associate these threads with wolves and buffalo now...that's how my brain seems to work (I listen to a lot of Radio 4 while I work and cook,  and can always remember what I was listening to when I look back at finished work, or my stash of marmalade...)

Yesterday I sorted all these drawers of thicker threads, sari silks and rainbow-dyed wools. I've acquired the Girl's old bedside drawers, so three more drawers for my stuff! And with a lot of thread and fabric being decluttered and charity shopped, those drawers are wonderfully organised and uncluttered. Fabulous stuff.

But underneath, deep down, I know I shouldn't be doing this. I should be designing and stitching. I have an exhibition over Easter, and as my husband keeps insensitively pointing out "before we know it, it will be (Girl's) birthday and the end of term". YES I KNOW! 

Funnily enough, I've just read a fantastic book about procrastination, the best one I've ever found. Apparently the three reasons we procrastinate are: feeling (or fearing being) overwhelmed, fear of failure, and fear of not finishing. I know the strategies suggested will work, it all makes so much sense - and yes, I am fully aware that I am choosing not to implement them right now! But I will, when I've finished winding my threads....


  1. This is all so horribly familiar. I do sometimes wonder whether I actually like my job... And I always associate what I was doing with what I was listening to at the time.

  2. I procrastinate as a matter of habit constantly - it's AMAZING how many hours I can waste doing THE most pointless things! This is why EVERY deadline is a panic! It's not that I don't have the's just the myriad misdirections that my brain conjures up to distract me! SO annoying - done it all my life! However - there IS something satisfying about sorting and tidying - and your thread/fabric room looks so organised! Hmmm....maybe I should go sort my wools out......hmmmmm.....procrastinate, procrastinate.....

  3. Wonderful, don't they look good? Now you can go do your work x

  4. I don't consider sitting sorting out beautiful threads comes even close to procrastination!

  5. So, is reading your blog procrastination? ( pours another glass of wine!)

  6. how brave to tackle all the tangled threads, and a lovely organised result, sometimes procrastination can be positive, a sort of pottering about before you do 'the deed'! sure your work will flow now you've sorted your drawers...

  7. " (I listen to a lot of Radio 4 while I work and cook, and can always remember what I was listening to when I look back at finished work, or my stash of marmalade...) " That's exactly me too! And it's the same for decorating. I have pea viners when I look at the kitchen ceiling and pork pies (The Food Programme) for one wall in my bedroom!


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