Saturday, 31 January 2015

Snow Day

We planned a day of stitch, a day with no teaching, just a day to come along to the village hall and catch up with each other, and catch up with work.

But we didn't reckon on this! We woke to a very light dusting of the stuff, but then it turned more serious. 


This was the carpark by 9.30. What to do? So I cancelled. But they came anyway! 

And we had a lovely day, productive yet relaxing, and we were all pleased with our progress (well, most of us). And all that pretty white stuff was all gone by 4pm, hooray.

I spent all morning ironing. How did that happen?? And then stuck lots of sari silk to some pelmet vilene, which I have just started to stitch with automatic patterns. This follows on from my sketchbook meanderings that you may have seen on my facebook page.

Morag has been making silk paper, and stitched these fabulous oak leaves. They are destined to become a leafy bowl:

Fiona was catching up with her metallic samples after missing a class, but has overtaken us!

Here are some strips of scrap collage that she was going to use for borders, but are rather lovely by themselves

Kathy has been finishing her bird piece from last year, and turning it into a book cover

Vix finished her poppy, and a landscape

Libby stitched a foiled sample

And Di started assembling a miniature quilt, based on our copper samples:

She also brought this scrap collage to incorporate, but we can't decide how. It's not quite wide enough to cut into strips for a border, but we love the colours and texture.

Jill brought a stack of household sewing projects and diligently worked her way through, and Carole thought she would machine stitch a beaded fringe to finish her silk bag (started this time last year) but ended up sewing by hand.

You may notice that both Carole and I are working in a similar coincidence there. There may even be a competitive element to this (moi?) but neither of us has any confidence in even being placed this time round! I hear the competition is quite stiff...


  1. Fantastic and I'm pleased the snow didn't stop your plans

  2. Gorgeous pieces and glad that the snow didn't stop you all

  3. Thank you for sharing these wonderfully creative works with us. So inspiring.

  4. You are such an inspiration! Fabulous work...all of it :-)


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