Monday, 1 December 2014

Monday's Madness

This is my dresser. I am very pleased. I have removed the peg basket, assorted coasters, the basket of ithings and catalogues, quotes for double glazing, a pebble, and several tea light holders. It is uncluttered and lovely. Still decluttering, and loving the sense of calm from having a tidy and clear space...

This, however, is my desk.

Ha! It is less than 6ft from the dresser!!

I will return tomorrow with some embroidery, luckily not by me (how?! I can barely see my machine for the encroaching tide of mess!) but by my lovely students. Until then x

PS I will explain about the little silver cup on the dresser too...


  1. Good luck with the declutter! I checked out bloglovin but I already follow you - on, which works well for me so far. I do look forward to your posts.

  2. I love it! I'm comforted to find that I'm not the only one whose workspace is occasionally limited to that of their lap because every other surface is covered with 'essentials'!

  3. I love a clear surface but sadly they never last very long round here!


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