Saturday, 8 March 2014


This week in class, we had time to catch up with all the City & Guilds homework.

It seems Judith has a bit of a chenille is her final sample for chenille, based on the colours and textures of a lavender field:

There are quite a few other bits of chenille in her folder....and she says she doesn't like the technique, but keeps doing it in the hope that it will grow on her!

And Carole has a robin fixation:

and a thing about houses

I, meanwhile, seem to be stuck on stitching beads and wire by machine: 

and finally finished another little fishy (he started as a teaching sample, and has been taken to and fro the Fairwarp class for the past three or four weeks, in various states of unfinishedness). Here he is:

A couple of the students tried their hands at a fish. Jan has now discovered the delights of the pick'n'mix at the local DIY shop, so here is her fish, complete with metal washers: 

and Kathy's work-in-progress fish (he is finished now but I must have forgotten to take a photo)

However, despite this beady wire obsession, I'm still on a bit of a mission with the CDs. I put out a call for old CDs and I've had a few responses...

so this morning I sat in the sunshine and removed all the cardboard cases and I've now got quite a stash. This isn't even all of them, there's a load more in the cupboard.

That's a lot of CDs to be wet-felted, yes, but most of them are for an Art Trail project later this summer.

Well, that's what I'm telling myself.

Somebody stop me...


  1. The lavender field chenille piece is so lovely. Good luck with the CDs

  2. Love all the variety of techniques here. The fish are very special though!
    As for the definitely have your hands full there :-D


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