Sunday, 16 February 2014

Spontaneous stitch

Doing what I want to do this weekend, with no real goal in mind.

This started life as a teaching sample for colour. The aim was to then overlay it all with automatic patterns.

But I did this to it instead

And then these pieces have been kicking around for over a year. Little collages of fabric and paper. Just started to stitch onto them:

And the inside cut-out from the heart is here:

Not sure why the pics are coming out so blue...

I might put shisha in the palm of that hand.

Now off to Eastbourne to enter nonchalant child into piano competition. She insists on defying everyone including the teacher by playing too fast, so let's hope she doesn't come unstuck on her semiquavers this afternoon....fingers crossed!  Or not...hard to play that way :)


  1. Ahhh.... doing what I want to do with no real goal in mind... what bliss! Hope the girl did well in her piano competition.

  2. What beautifully coloured stitchery. I hope your little one's flew as quickly over the keys as yours do with a needle.

  3. What lovely pieces. Hope that the girl did well.

  4. Love all these bright colours.......just up my street :-)
    How did the pianist do? x

  5. These are gorgeous little pops of colour - they've set me off on some more art journal ideas for my class!


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