Friday, 10 January 2014

The good the bad and the inedible

Seems like the culinary bad form that started before Christmas continues unabated. But I digress! The good this week includes:
  • this little chappie putting in another star appearance:

(as I said last time, more details later!)
  • getting an awful lot of the To Do list accomplished, including my own piano practice, exercise, stretching and yoga, a daily gratitude list, keeping on top of the housework, fixing things around the house including the Girl's school bag (not buying another one!). Why this sudden rash of efficiency? The new toy! Apps! Who knew? Well, everyone else it seems. 
  • It has been very funny teasing Mr "what would anyone need an iPad for" when he pinches the new toy to play with spotify and check the weather and the tv schedule...
  • getting all this lot of fabric swatches for just £3
  • spending time playing and arranging same. I'm going to stitch them all together into a giant patchwork and make a "door" curtain for the bottom of the stairs (which open straight into the living room). The lengths we go to do get a bit of privacy to do some shoulder stands without people laughing...

Never mind that the last time I did patchwork I made enough to make a big pair of curtains for the Girl's room and a cot quilt, and swore never to do it again. But that was before we knew it was Girl and it was just Bump and the memory has obviously got a bit hazy.
  • collecting this lovely assortment of bits on my desk. I think I need a goal, target, some sort of forward thinking instead of randomly collecting bits of stuff. Something like deciding to make something, anything, using all the bits that arrive in any one day. Now that would be a New Year challenge...The pile has since been added to with some parcel packaging paper - dutifully smoothed out and folded, with what intention? To paint? When?! Do it now Girl!
  • 16th Night Crumble

I think we've the fixings for one more. The dregs of the mincemeat, the dried up block of marzipan, the frozen cranberries. Hooray! (NB we don't usually put sugar on top, someone forgot to put it in the crumble mix but wouldn't listen to me when I said it would be OK without).

And the bad?
  • Having a list with 19 things on it this morning. 19!! That's crazy. Thank goodness for the new toy to keep tabs on everything. Admittedly some of them only take 5 minutes, but they are usually the most important for health and sanity and the most likely to get dropped in the past.
  • Straight back into the new term with a new time-sucking activity aka Moodle. In the long run I can see it will make things easier and save a lot of time. But for now? I'm not exactly the best when it comes to filing systems (see my Twitter profile) so to let me loose with something that involves doing exactly that with all the teaching resources and links I could possibly's getting ugly.
  • The other great time-sucking activity aka the new toy...sigh.
And the inedible?
  • Tonight's dinner. I thought I would scale up the "fish in a parcel with leek and carrot ribbons and white wine" idea and just cook enough for three in one big covered dish. Don't Ever Do This. It did not end well. Even the Bokashi wasn't sure and had to be persuaded. Luckily there was pudding...
Apart from the crumble mojo (which is mostly Mr G's) I do hope the culinary skills return before tomorrow evening: I'm attempting lemon there's a word that always sets the Girl giggling for some reason!


  1. Iz - have I missed something? What is your new toy?

  2. Iz - are you on Facebook? Think we need to drum you into The Quilters Teashoppe!!!

  3. Possett... it can't go wrong... promise. I think I need a toy like yours.

  4. Oh my goodness...that fish is fabulous! Definitely a star appearance.
    You certainly sound busy...and as for the toy; mine is no longer new, but I still LOVE it :-)

  5. I don't have this toy that seems to have you running around like a headless chicken! That door curtain looks fab, get on with that then you can focus on peaceful inversions & lots of calming breaths!

    I think the assortment on your desk is great too - you can collect randomly, after all most of us just follow our instinct when collecting but I agree a target for it all would be good too. Just don't loose your wonderful spontaneity, like that gorgeous fish ;)


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