Monday, 25 November 2013

And now for something completely different...

I actually did something!  Something vaguely creative!  For me!  Not for teaching, not for selling, just for me!!

Sorry about the excess punctuation, but I'm so excited...

I made a collage out of bits of the Sunday newspaper magazine (don't often get a paper, but I was after some more recipes...coz I haven't got that many...ahem).

I then added oil pastels, then Koh i noor paints.

And I've finally got myself sorted out enough to put some things on the etsy shop.  Nothing huge, don't get too excited, but it's a start!

I've been so busy - doing endless paperwork, having a rotten cold, having my teaching observed and graded, and attending another local craft fair, that I haven't had a moment to myself.  Today I'm fighting back!


  1. Love the collage, very cheerful, nice to know the papers are good for something! You have been busy, hope you feel better soon.

  2. Glorious colour! And just imagine it in fabric, mmm...

  3. I love it - absolutely fabulous!

  4. Love the collage... and doing something for yourself is indeed a cause for much excitement and exclaimation marks... !!!! I've added some of my own for you!!!

  5. Good for you. That collage has certainly lifted my spirits.


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