Thursday, 13 June 2013

Yikes where does the time go

There I was announcing a come-back and I disappeared again...

I've been busy this time, not avoiding.....I've indulged in a few rustic pursuits (pics of them another time) and a stitchy workshop - again, pics of that later!

Meanwhile, today I was torturing myself with trying to start some Work with a capital W.  Art Trail is only a matter of weeks away now...aaagh!

Mucking about with fabric paper.  Not sure what this stripey thing will become.

Quite pleased with this one.  View down the hill and across the valley at family place in Wales.

A bit of a stormy Breton day (is there any other?)

And a Breton sunset.

All destined to be stitched, no matter what.  Currently hanging up to dry.  But I've started something!!!


  1. How I would love to be starting something!

  2. Alway good to start something. I'm planning to finish and start something this weekend!

  3. These are looking great - so much in the way of possibilities and that for me is always the most exciting bit!


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