Thursday, 7 February 2013

Cold pricklies

It's what comes of having warm fuzzies last week.


Just 48 hours of madness in which to tame all the paper in the lever arch folder, make sure my objectives were all s.m.a.r.t. some quick rejjigging of a lesson plan to make it marginally more exciting than "students finish work started in previous session" and I was finally deemed to be "Good" (I think I forgot to take my hoops of fire to jump through whilst balancing a ball on the end of my nose)

...just as well the students are Outstanding!

All are Fiona's outstanding pieces of stitch, exploring texture . 
I love the merino wool in the third one down...


  1. Good is better than you need to be so I'd say well done!

  2. Scary stuff, you made it! Should have been better than 'good' - don't they look at the fabulous work you have brought out of your students? ;)

  3. Oh well, at least thats over! we though we were getting ours, it turns out it was a mock Ofsted and we are still waiting!

  4. Lovely work in the photos, so sorry you have to wait longer for your Ofsted; I'm so pleased that all that is behind me!!

  5. Ofsted - the word just makes me feel sick to my stomach. It must be a lovely feeling to know it's over and done with though - and that you're 'Good'!! :o)


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