Sunday, 23 September 2012

It's been a month now

So probably about time to download the holiday photos and resume normal service around here!

I can't believe it's a month, we haven't stopped since getting home - new school for Girl, new classes to teach for me, a ton of washing and tent-drying, a car-full of sand and shells and pebbles (some of which are still in the underfloor lockers). 

Ah, Brittany.  How we miss you.

You're so beautiful.

And we all love our home away from home:

Same campsite, different pitch, but a good one.  Maybe after 8 years we get to have the same one next year?  Maybe...some people have been going there for over 40 years...they usually get first dibs.

It's a stone's throw from a magnificent sandy beach with bands of pretty shells:

I'm particularly fascinated with the endless ripples and reflections...

(I spent three weeks trying to work out whether I was a "big picture" or "small picture" person, creatively.  Whaddya reckon??!  I think I've worked it out now...)

The sky is always interesting, and there's such a lot of it:

Just as well we walk and cycle and swim so much when we're there, as we all love the food - the bread, the patisserie, the picnics, the yoghurt pots to lick out, the moules (shared with about 4000 locals in the town square) - note the bottom pic of the Boy, who worked out where the biscuits were kept and just helped himself!

And we are all happy catching up with a year's worth of sleep, reading, swimming, being blown about by the wind, riding tiny ponies, paddling, drawing in the sand...

but not so happy being stung by jellyfish (Girl's knee, top left). 
(Afterwards, she wasn't sleeping in a little tent: it was more of a tentacle, ha ha)
She wasn't impressed.  Even less impressed with having to "frotter" her leg with "sable" to get the sting out!

Ah well, onwards...a busy year ahead, with lots of different projects to share, but all in the knowledge that we'll be going back next year - hooray!


  1. iz - you're back! Good to see you again. And wow, you're doing snazzy things with the photos.

    Looks lovely. We used to go to Brittany when the kids were smaller - loved the beaches too.


  2. I was just thinking only yesterday that you hadn't posted for a while! I love Brittany, we used spent many years there in the later 90s - beaches and moles, can't really beat that can you :-)

  3. Really enjoyed looking at your photos :-) You brought back memories of many happy camping holidays when my two were younger. We loved Raguenes, Pornic and name but a few! xx


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