Sunday, 20 May 2012

Basket 2

Another evening course with Ruby Taylor and another basket

Definitely not one for the hayfever sufferers.  I was covered in tufts and grass-seeds, and had quite sore hands afterwards.  But I am deeply chuffed with my little basket.  It's surprisingly sturdy and rigid.  

Ruby had already started us off with the base, so we just coiled and stitched.  I feel the need to harvest grass stalks, and a hammock in the sun to dry them in...

Here is another little thing I made in between invigilating exams.  It's sitting on the edge of the basket (a) because it can (b) to give an idea of scale

Here it is by itself

Remarkably wiggly, all of it's own accord

What I really want, to finish it off, is one of those little pins with the butterfly back - the sort of thing you get on a lapel badge.  Anyone know where to get them, and what they're called?

Finally, I've been preparing some foiling samples for our next Embroiderers Guild meeting, following ideas in a book.  The book told me to get the soldering iron out to cut shapes out of pelmet vilene.

Who knew?  Well, probably lots of people.  I'd just never tried it before.  Now what?!  Never mind the foiling, any other ideas on what to do with cutwork pelmet vilene?

I shouldn't really be getting distracted with yet another always happens, every year.  I get busy with Work (exams) and as soon as I haven't got any spare time because of having to go and do the W word, I suddenly have lots of ideas....

Anyway, that's also why I'm a bit quiet on here at the moment - the old problem of fitting multiple tasks around a finite amount of time!


  1. That vilene looks like it could be a wonderful print block. How does it work with foiling?

  2. The basket is fantastic, and I really love that flower! I wish I knew the name of the pin you're talking about.

  3. that basket is wonderful. Basket work is the thing on my list that I shouldn't start because I have too much to do!

  4. No wonder you're looks very neat; a real professional-looking job! The flower is lovely. As for the fastener...would this do?
    pin fastener

  5. Did you say quiet? ;)

    fabulous basket, my thumbs nearly fell off when I tried willow. I'd have probably sneezed a lot, too....oh well. Beautiful little flower - a brooch back wouldn't work, of course but those pin things are quite pricey....hat pin thingy?

  6. Lovely baskets, it something I want to try.
    I have added a photo of the bandage in 'action'.

  7. Lovely basket and flower.


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