Sunday, 4 December 2011

Throwaway culture

I went to Glyndebourne and all I got was a paper bag

Actually, it's a really nice bag.  And completely over-the-top for three postcards, a pencil, a bulldog clip in the shape of a grand piano and a small book...goes with the territory I suppose! 

So I now have a very special paper bag sitting on my recently tidied and de-cluttered desk.  What on earth should I do with it?!!

The reason for our much-anticipated and surpassing-all-expectations visit to Glyndebourne is described, far more eloquently than I ever could, here

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  1. What a wonderful opportunity for you (both!)to hear the Girl sing in such a renound (sp!) place. My first thought for reuse was a paper bag or 2 for sales then I thought, no, no, a book cover to keep the ticket & program in, to clip the beautiful poem in with the bulldog & tie the pencil to. If the lovely bag is double sided you could make one for yourself, too! What a talented family you are!

    I recognise those lovely bits in your last post, too - needlefelt/stick them down as you go, you'll soon have a huge new piece of fabric ;)


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