Monday, 21 June 2010

Displacement activity

I have just discovered dumpr. What fun!

This is my displacement activity, because I should be finishing a panel for a machine embroidery taster sesh that I'm teaching on Wednesday. The idea is to demo the sorts of things you can do with machine embroidery, and I thought I would make a cushion rather than yet another sample book. Unfortunately, I don't seem able to finish it - just when I think I'm there, I realise something else needs doing. Now it is too SMALL for my cushion pad (cheapo salvaged from charity shop cushion, so size non-negotiable). As a result I have a cat litter tray full of wet turquoise, as I didn't have any suitable fabric to extend the sides of the panel without creating some myself. I will then do some cable stitch writing on it, something exciting like "machine embroidery techniques"...oh I'm full of imagination today...

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