Saturday, 3 January 2015

Word of the year 2015: Choice


New Year, time to rethink so many things. It's only when I stop that I realise how I haven't - stopped, that is - for so long. Literally. It's a rare thing for us to sit on the sofa, Girl locks herself in her lair most evenings, we never watch TV (especially since all the Montalbanos are repeats and I don't like the current Wallander). But now I've stopped I wonder what on earth takes up so much of my time. I'll probably remember, suddenly, when term starts on Tuesday.

My haul from K&S, virtually untouched.

This year I want to have a stab at consciously choosing how to spend my time, and to make sure I choose things that are meaningful for me. For example, I want to choose to stitch. And paint and print. Because I just haven't. I don't really know why (apart from the usual practical reasons, the Grand Plan being very much on my mind still but it now involves architects :0 ). I stitch things for class, and I managed some work for Art Trail, but for me? Nada. I feel I've let myself down. (I still haven't used my gelli plate, acquired in October. I did try the lucet...)

I am aware that instead of choosing, I end up doing things that are mindless, easy or just because to actively choose the alternative would be slightly difficult or uncomfortable in some way, or will end up disappointing someone, letting them down: last year both Mr G and I ended up being on committees, baffling for two people who much prefer to work alone and are very suspicious of any team activity...yes, I'm looking at you Mrs B. Himself has managed to shed his responsibility, so I'm just picking my moment. Just sayin'.

Bunting, made for community art group.

And I know I spend too long footling on this iThing, so that will have to be curbed. Strangely though, I haven't kept up with my blog reading, so despite being online so much I do feel out of touch with everything going on out there in textileblogland. And we are going to bed so late now we're practically nocturnal. Gosh, next week will be a shock! We'll have to wind back the bodyclock at least three hours!

Not sure what the whippet will make of early mornings sans duvet-time...

I'll let keep you posted on how I get on! Do you have a word for 2015?

I saw this idea on facebook, courtesy of Jane laFazio and Christine Kane, and it resonated. I used Christine's free tool to work out my word, and I think I'm happy with it. Not what I was expecting but not as immediately mindblowing as she made out it would be. 


  1. If anyone can tell me the best app to use for blogger on iPad I'd be hugely grateful - it pains me to see my dodgy formatting, grainy photos, and where have my links gone?! Perfectionist, moi? And I have already tried the Blogger app btw, I need something better :)

  2. I wish you good luck in this New Year with your word 'choose' - I find that is one of my problems, I love all aspects of textiles and mixed media and often spend a good part of the day 'choosing' what I should do - maybe my word should be decide! Gilli @ Tasty Textiles by Textile Cottage

  3. All the best for a creative year, Iz !!!
    Things will sure land on their own two feet again ;-)

    (OH my .... what a GORGEOUS stash !!!!!!!)

  4. Good luck with your word. I've never had any success with them! Love that haul from K&S. I'm glad you tried your lucent, it's my favourite tool for making cords these days.

  5. Good luck with that word! You know I'm with you all the way!


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