Monday, 19 January 2015

Choosing to work

Someone recently commented on Facebook that they'd love to learn more about my process. I do find this amusing, as to be brutally honest my "process" up to now has been

1 start something with noble ambitions
2 procrastinate for ages (sometimes months)
3 rustle up something at the last minute that is not related in any way with what I started in the first place.

Which is why I have so many stashes of "work in progress". Here is just one:

But armed with my new word - Choice - I have chosen to

a) book, then ring fence "work" time in my diary (in pencil, but it's a start)
b) decide which WIPs I actually want to do still, and chuck the others (gasp)
c) actually choose one of them and do it! 

So now I can proudly present "my process"

First, choose what to do. I chose this watercolour spiral today.

Second, add a stitch'n'tear backing and choose a thread

Third, stitch by machine and wonder what to do next

Four, tip out a shamefully tangled collection of threads and set to

Five, fight - really fight - the urge to do something, anything else eg make curtains, sort recipes, declutter another cupboard...

Six, audition various additions - including a washer found on the doorstep and a twig circle made last summer.

(not brill lighting, but it still gets dark so early in the afternoon)

Not finished yet, but I'm very chuffed so far - not least because I actually stuck at something!


  1. Thank you for this, it rings so many bells for me lol but you actually created a piece, respect xxx

  2. Ha ! lovely to see "the process" .... !

    (are you really going through ALL of your WIP stash ??? ;-) ...)

  3. Ha ha - need to take a leaf out of your book! Some WIPs need to be cut up!!

  4. WELL DONE on getting it done and its AWESOME!!! Your process sounds suspiciously similar to mine LOL. Is this piece done on watercolour paper or fabric?

  5. Great work so far, stick with it! ;-)

  6. I am in awe... I would have given up at the tangled threads and got my paints out!

  7. Love the tangled threads, they would have kept me going! Delicious colors too, paints & thread.

  8. What wonderful colours. I too should take a leaf out of your book, I'm feeling aimless at the moment.

  9. I just have to say that I love this post. Aside from the yumminess of your creations here and throughout your blog, your definition of your 'process' made me laugh out loud here! I know that SOOOOO well! Christmas is my peak procrastination time, surrounded by at least a dozen gift projects that all get finished on a three day, no sleep crafting bender ending on Christmas Eve. Every year. E*V*E*R*Y year! Anyway - I'm hooked on your blog. In the famous words of Arnie - I'll be back! Thank you for following my own blog - I'm honoured!! Sending hugs from Shroo:)xx

    1. Thanks for reading! And you could be describing my EXACT method for tackling my Christmas present did you know?!


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