Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Trees and leaves

Here are the leaves (and petals) stuck to painted Bondaweb, on velvet.

This is for class later today. We're starting to look at texture, so I've done a "Thittichai!"

And here are the trees:

I've been photographing things for the Etsy shop, and trying to come up with ways to capture the 'spirit' of these amulets. They're so long, I can't photograph them on the dining room table and the light in the living room is not good, hence the trip to the woods - but they kept blowing about in the breeze outside! And you'd think it would be a easy to find suitable tree with interesting bark and an appropriate branch to hang things on, in a wood - full of trees? Think again!

I still need to fiddle with the photos, so they're not in the shop yet, but a few other things are. I think this is why I have so many things at home that should be in the shop but aren't - I'm no photographer!

And now I'm off to play with more trees, namely our EG branch entry for this summer's Regional Challenge...can't say more until July!


  1. They look lovely in the trees but I can imagine the angst of trying to find the 'right' tree etc. Lovely colours :-)

  2. It's the photography I struggle with too, but your pics are looking fab!

  3. I love the addition of the seeds. The amulets look great against the trees.

  4. A brilliant idea....hanging gorgeous amulets from trees! Aren't we lucky to be obsessed with such things......!!

  5. Well I think they look great..... their colour glows against the wood. Get them in the shop! :-)


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