Sunday, 23 February 2014

Cup cake

How to win a huge silver cup in two hours, door to door: 
Get driven to Eastbourne; parents fleeced for car parking even on a Sunday; play a spot of Schumann to audience of parents, piano teacher, adjudicator, one other child and parent from previous class, and clerk or general paper-shuffler; listen to general praise and constructive comments from adjudicator; collect enormous silver cup; giggle a lot but dodge photos; scoff even bigger ice cream from Italian place over the road; get driven home. Job done.

It's been half term since then and it's taken 5 days for the Girl to recover from her moment of glory and do anything else! She didn't even want to weave a CD, so I had to go it alone...

(First "draft" for Project with Tight Deadline....)

But I eventually got her out of the house on Saturday for some bonding-with-Mother at Sevenoaks Embroiderers' Guild, and we had a lovely day making Fimo beads, with only one heart-stopping "Mummy I've just cut myself" moment (on a Stanley knife blade!! She's ok, just a nick...)

Here they all are at home waiting to be baked

And my finished beads are here


Girl has squirreled hers away.  We liked some better than others, and found that even though we chose our colours carefully, we preferred the "friendship" beads made with slices from other people's canes.

And then here's this weekend's cake: a carrot cake with cinnamon icing. We had to take huge slices with us yesterday to (a) sustain us in our bead making (b) prevent Someone eating it all while we were out.

Finally, today, more colour with more CD recycling. I've Googled and can't find anyone else who's done this. I am a CD felting pioneer!

One of these (or one of the other three currently drying in the radiator, and probably better as I got my felting mojo after these first attempts) is for a little project, tight deadline, typical me. But they're fun, no?!


  1. Well done to the girl for her silver cup, to both of you for the pretty beads - and to you for innovative CD felting entrepreneurism. (Not sure if that's a word) x

  2. Ah ha! Felting CDs! Who'd have thought it ( well, you, obvs!!!)

  3. Congratulation to Girl on winning the silver cup. Wonder whose going to polish it to keep it shinny. Love those beads it took me back to when my own Girl did things like that, those were the days. The cake looks delicious, I'm tempted to make one myself. An interesting idea covering CDs in felt!

  4. Congratulations to your daughter. I love your CD felted circles, such wonderful colours.

  5. Congratulations to the young girl for her achievement. I'm intrigued by the CD felts... what a clever invention!

  6. Well done for the cup. Love the idea of the felted CDs. Do you felt them on the Cd - I am intrigued?

  7. Congratulations to the musician.....good for her ...and I love the beads!

  8. What innovation, you deserve a cup too! I could really get into the weaving as I love a bit of controlled wrapping, me ;) I love what you did with your spontaneous stitching too, really delicious!


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