Monday, 20 January 2014

Playing with water soluble

At the end of last week we played with water soluble fabric in the Fairwarp class. It was also an opportunity for me to try taking photos with the New Toy! I managed to work out how to get them onto my Facebook page, but no further than that. This is me now trying to get them into Blogger!

While I get my head around that, here are some bits of stitch.

First up, you need to stitch a grid, making sure everything is interlocked with stitch. You can add other bits and pieces and thick thread, like Jane did in the sample above.
When you think everything is stitched down, you can dissolve the fabric and fingers crossed it doesn't all unravel in the sink!

Your grids don't have to be square, you can stitch circles like spider's webs and then maybe mould them over a plastic bowl to dry. Here's one ready to be dissolved:

So there you have it! More later this week, when we add more bits of fabric, thread, ribbon and such like and make actual "things" (hopefully!).

And the conclusion for blogging with an iPad? Don't do it. This is me back on the laptop. But I have worked out that I can send photos to flickr and then post them into Blogger. 

Except I can't without posting a new post! AAAGgghh. How does anyone else do this??


  1. Lovely samples & the curtain below is beautiful! They do make the place more cosy...& private ;)

  2. The samples are so lovely. Water soluble film is so versatile. Have you tried the adhesive kind - recommended by Jan Beaney?

  3. Iz I downloaded an ap called Blogger from the ap store. I do blog with that but then often edit on the laptop ( you cannot do links etc.) but it does help me. H xx

  4. Love the samples. I gave up trying to blog with the iPad.I tried various apps and they're all more hassle than it's worth. Set it up so you have photo stream on your laptop then you can access your iPad photos on your laptop and then blog from the laptop. Much easier!

  5. Ha! This brings back memories of losing bits of embroidery down the sink.


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