Sunday, 19 January 2014


Coi-toi - the Girl's word for "curtain" when she was 18 months.


And chuffed!
And warmer, shockingly - we've now discovered just how cold our stairwell is, and just what a difference the lack of insulation between the garage and the stairwell makes.

There were a couple of "sticky" moments on Friday evening, when it came to the Great Hanging Event. 

Firstly, I had to ask Mr Gonecycling to break out the power tools to put up the curtain track onto a concrete lintel. Yes, on a Friday evening. I'm cruel. Hammer drilling in a confined space. I hid in the kitchen and drank a G&T.

Second, I then discovered I'd stitched the header tape to the wrong side. Doh! Of course, the curtain FACES the track, not the other way round as is usual for curtains. So I had to unpick it all and stitch it to the right side - "literally". (go on, click on that link, it's one of my favourite songs of all time...)

But now we are chuffed! Although this curtain isn't going to be pulled back that much, despite the discovery of a lovely thick rope tie-back in the loft. (I knew it was there somewhere, but didn't reckon on also finding a childhood suitcase of treasure including various dolls in national costume; a very old soft toy of my Mother's, species indeterminate; two copper pots; one silver pot requiring an hour's polishing; one wooden mule, and two carved wooden napkin ring holders from Kenya - that occupied Saturday afternoon/evening).

The patchwork on the chair, btw, is my old cot quilt.


  1. Lovely curtain and lovely song (I clicked the link) btw. Pop over to my blog! Look at the heading of the latest post. H xx

  2. It's beautiful. In my experience these things never go quite according to plan - glad you got there in the end. And a box of forgotten treats as well :-)

  3. The curtain looks great, might get around to finally making one for my front door.

  4. It looks fantastic. Well done you! And what a bonus to discover a box of treasurs in the loft.

  5. It looks so warm and inviting.

  6. I'm pretty sure I would have made the same mistake with the heading tape. It was worth correcting though, it looks good.

  7. The curtain looks lovely, well done!


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