Monday, 9 December 2013

Taking procrastination up a notch

Make Christmas presents? Finish start stitching colourful creative thing painted two weeks ago? why do that when you could do this:

Woah!  Discovered I had a star-thingy-tool and wanted to use it. I don't recommend doing this, but (a) my machine is out of warranty, and (b) it did allow me to get a load of crud out of it. But honestly, what on earth possessed me?!

Maybe I was dispirited because I'd done this to the Christmas cake:

I think we were slightly "under-tinned".

I have now redeemed things slightly, and got something done on the creative thingy:

(actually two thingies)

A start, definitely not a finish.

There will be some pics of student work as soon as I've sorted the photos - they've been mighty busy!


  1. Ooh, scary - never looked in my machine's innards and don't intend to! Looks like you got away with it though, the collage is stitching up beautifully.

  2. Looking at machine's innards never a good thing but you seem to have produced some lovely pieces anyway.

  3. You've ventured where I've never been. I hate to think of all the crud that might be hiding in my machine!

  4. I wouldn't go thee either, you're so brave! But that creative 'thingy' looks just marvelous; what will it be? Love catching up with all your fairs & teachings. How did your amulets on stick go ?(looked great!) I hung decorations on a twig sticking into the display area at a fair & nearly poked my eye out!


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