Monday, 11 November 2013

Rusty goodness

Goodness! Goodness knows where the time has gone. Actually, I do know, it's just too boring to go into details - nothing exciting, just a heck of a load of paper being shuffled about.

Meanwhile, here are some lovely rusty bits I found on a recent trip to the depths of wettest Wales:

I just love this heap of wire (message to sibling - why is it on top of the log pile?  If you don't want it any more, I'll have it)

The sun did come out. Briefly. 

This is the view from the "top gate" towards the house, give it half a mile or so. Himself is still tickled by this, remembering the very first time I took him to Wales to meet The Family - "What, drive down here? It's a gate into a field..."


  1. Some wonderful inspiration there.

  2. Looks gorgeous to me…..the gate into the field I mean!

  3. Only certain peeps would find wire on top of log piles so beautiful! Other peeps would think those first peeps slightly deranged. I'm in the first peeps category.

    Think you might have found the definition of an artist - one who sees beauty where others only see junk, or even nothing at all.

    And I'm with FF - lane looks gorgeous. I want to live down it!

  4. Rusty stuff is lovely. I particularly like that spirally thing in the second photo. That would make some amazing marks on fabric. :o)


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