Wednesday, 3 July 2013


We had our regional day at the weekend and I seem to have acquired an awful lot of sari silk...

I keep saying I'm going to invent a labeling system, where I attach some sort of label to each new purchase with a very specific description of the project I had in mind when I bought it....because once it's been hidden put away it becomes "stash" and "precious"....I must also get over my scarcity mentality, the feeling of not being able to "use up" my favourite materials because I may never be able to find the colour/visit that shop/remember where I got it again...let's face it, I'm good for sari silk beads for some time now.

Talking of beads, I did a workshop at the show and came home with a sticky needle:

Impossible to focus to photograph, but they are fibre beads stuck together with Paverpol.  Who knew?  Time to dig out that large pot of the stuff...another resource I've been hoarding, but honestly, I've got enough for a lifetime of these little beads...

Unfortunately our branch didn't win the Challenge, but I think our entry did look rather splendid:

My page, if you remember:

and my favourite page:

love that stubble field...

This made me laugh:

Meticulous stitching, moi?!  Should have seen me struggling the other day....I even resorted to a trawl of the internet for a video on how to test if the timing was out on the machine - I have hit a few beads lately.  The method involved sticky tape and a ruler but I don't think it is out, I think my problems were more to do with an ill-advised combination of thin embroidery rayon in the bobbin and thick quilting cotton on the top...just as well the teaching year has ended!

I'd love to say I was busy stitching with the new sari silk, but come on, Art Trail is still more than two weeks away, I've still got time to do more random things before I bring it all together and focus!  I'll show you what I've been working on in my next post...they've been breeding...


  1. I know exactly what you mean about stash becoming precious. I have now learnt to label stuff before I file it away so I can see where it came from, doesn't stop me being loathe to use some of it though.

  2. I have the same affliction with the preciousness of my stash. I love the beads and the book, am off to google paverpol - maybe I ned some too!

  3. This does resonate... but I've stopped buying and I'm trying to use stuff up. Not very successfully. Well done on your metculous stitching!

  4. Scarcity mentality - oh YES! And just when you think you've beaten it, you make a sample with the lovely stuff then haven't *quite* enough to make the actual item...

  5. Ha - yes I have a sister like that - she has her very precious stash that she has too enjoy and look at for a long time before she will dip into it!! Love it! x Jo

  6. The book looks like a winner to me. Love the idea of Paverpol beads but in the interest of my sanity, I'm glad that mine is all used up!

  7. Oh don't make me think about supplies/stashes! It reminds me of how much money I've wasted over the years! Ah well.....maybe I'll get round to using it all some day (or selling it on ebay ;-) )
    I think the book is fab...something to be proud of.


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