Monday, 18 March 2013

On a roll

I've got myself organised, I've got a plan and so this morning I finally dug out my box of bits that I started way back in December...

This is as far as I got "before"

Just playing with colours and themes...

But then it stopped, I got stuck.  Until now!  On a quest for more discipline and in a spirit of "just get on with it" I scheduled the whole day today to do just that, get on with it.

So first, I needed some fibonacci spirals...

By lunchtime I'd got this far:

But that's it, folks - I can't show you any more at the moment!  I've photocopied and cut up lots more fibonaccis, but now I need to paint them.  Then the sampling begins.  I'm thinking a combination of collage and felt (my big newly-rediscovered "thing"!)

This is all for the Big Idea, which is still a big idea even though the exhibition it was all for has now been postponed.  Probably for the best, but it leaves me in the dangerous position of not having a deadline. 

Hence the self-imposed discipline!  Gosh it's painful...


  1. wonderfully inventive and creative work! thanks for stopping by La Dolce Vita! I have you entered in the drawing... best wishes!

  2. Well thats all very intriguing Iz!! Love the hot colours.
    Whatever will you do with this next..... ;-)

  3. Wow, fibo-what? Wonderfully busy sketchy scribbly samples. Just keep to the origonal date, well, add a week or 3; simples!

  4. I am in awe of your self imposed discipline... yesterday I was meant to "just get on with it" but I spent several hours unravelling a tangle of hand embroidery threads. I convinced myself I was tidying my studio, which let's face it, if I kept tidy in the first place wouldn't be a problem!

  5. Sounds like a fun day with great results, look forward to seeing more.

  6. I'm with Gina in awe, today is my day to get on with it! As you can tell I'm catching up on reading blogs laying in bed when I should be up and getting an early start. However I need to tell you i love the piece your working on and look forward to seeing it progress! What a good influence you are I'm going to switch off this iPhone and get out of bed right now!!!


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