Thursday, 26 April 2012

Credit where it's due

I've finally received my report - there were a lot of "ex"s in it!  Excellent, exemplary, exogenous, exoskeleton...

But there was also

"all students were fully engaged, motivated and supportive of each other"

"the students were highly motivated and were producing high quality work, taking away new skills each week, returning the following, with excellent examples of practice"

"one commented on how the course is pushing her to develop her art, her drawing, her design etc and how surprised she was at that".

How good is that!  They all worked so hard and have been such a brilliant group.
So here is a just a sample of their wonderful work
(sorry about the quality of the photos, the light was terrible):








Jo, again


Jan - I'm so sorry this is blurry.  Jan was a complete beginner and has been wrestling with her recalcitrant machine all year, but she's definitely beaten it into submission now - look what she can do!

Jane again

Margaret again - I couldn't resist adding her kingfisher.  This was stitched in last year's class, but it's so good!  And I don't think I shared it before.  She printed him onto Lutradur before stitching:

I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone next week!

PS welcome to new follower!


  1. Well done you! And well done to all of your students - fantastic work.

  2. Well deserved lovely work you are inspiring them to make ......x

  3. Congratulations and three cheers all round!

  4. Lovely work - you must be so proud! One of the (very few in my jaded opinion)benefits of teaching is seeing how your students/pupils blossom following your input.


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