Monday, 31 October 2011

Bottoms up

At the very start of the year, I had an urge to buy some chicken wire..

I then started to weave it into a sort of chimney shape (supposedly for the ill-fated machine embroidery group project on "chimneys", which has since been allowed to die quietly as nearly all of us ignored it and carried on doing other things ...)

I am pleased to announce that this morning I FINALLY had a bottoming out ceremony for my woven chimney - it had been sitting bottomless on the bookcase for about 6 months.  I even added a bottom to a felted coiled chimney (and that one was started even longer ago, in July last year...)

I quite like them, but the chicken wire chimney is a bit squishy:

The turquoise one is a bit more robust, as the felt overlaps itself and there is a massive length of thick copper wire attached all the way around...that was interesting to sew, I can tell you.  Nearly had an eye out...


Why this sudden burst of procrastination-busting finishings off?  I'm exhibiting with the Wednesday Workshop group of the local Embroiderers' Guild branch, and it all kicks off on Thursday.

Losing the thread?  It may be too late...


  1. I love them both, but the colours and textures in the chicken wire are my favourite. Sounds like soemthing I'd like to try too!

  2. I like them! Wondering about the 'function' - but not necessarily in a literal way. After all the great Grayson Perry said that the function of his pots was to keep him in frocks and motorbikes.

  3. Oh what fabulous chimnies! They's look fab with my weaving (I may keep the hairy bits after all ;)

    I so want some of that icecream & you've definately passed the bits box bug on!

  4. I love these and what a great idea how you made them.

  5. Love both of these, they're divine.


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