Tuesday, 11 January 2011

And so it begins...

Another project started, and I need a new project like a hole in the head...but what the hey.  I've wanted to weave chicken wire for months now, and finally remembered to go to the DIY shop and buy some - they sell it by the metre!  Who knew?  This piece is destined to become yet another wretched chimney...hopefully we'll exhibit our wretched chimneys in February and I can stop trying to find ways of making them...I still spend idle moments trying to fathom a method for my chimney brush bristles (see this post).

And another attempt started to try and shrink my mid-section.  Having been a "pear" all my life, I was alarmed to discover a bit of a tendency towards "apple" late last year.  And my baby is 10 years old this year, so that's no longer an excuse...

I'm still getting in a bit of T Tapp a few times a week, but lost the plot after reaching my target of "40 workouts by my 40th birthday" and haven't been consistent.  My upper knee measurement has remained steady (!) even if from there up things have expanded slightly since the summer...

My latest strategy is from the book "Beyond Chocolate", not that I'm a chocoholic, I'm really not.  But I know I overeat.  Not binges, not packets of biscuits, not too much cake or pudding or anything (these are nearly always just weekend things, not everyday)...but a subtle easily justified overeating - cleaning my plate of wholesome, homecooked, locally sourced, probably organic and at the very least free-range food -  every time.  Even if I'm full.

So I'm trying to work on the basis of eating when I'm hungry and stopping when I'm not.  And it's SO much harder than I thought, not least because in this house, if you don't eat it someone else will, so there's no saving for later...as my husband discovered when he went to find the tube of Smarties left over from gingerbread house construction. 

And making this sort of thing for school packed lunches doesn't help:
Apricot flapjacks, as requested by The Girl. 

I'm finding that "greed" and "hunger" feel the same at the moment.  For the sake of my trousers I hope I work out the difference soon.

Oh yes, I've also removed the scales from the bathroom.  But I haven't thrown them out yet...
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  1. happy to find you - a fellow embroiderer who likes food...and henning mankell!Thanks for the follow back. Looking forward to back reading your blog.

  2. I've got that waistline problem at the moment... not good! The weaving looks fascinating.


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