Friday, 23 September 2011

Still breathing

Only just, though:
I am currently working on no. 8 on my list from holiday "I like swimming" and today I managed three lengths of front crawl in between the usual breaststroke.  I'm not your classic "old lady" swimmer, with legs trailing, spectacles on and hair not getting wet, but neither am I a plough-up-and-down sort of swimmer.  I don't mind getting my hair wet, but I find front crawl is more like trying-not-to-drown than swimming.

I've been reading all sorts of things about swimming mindfully, like yoga, and today I practiced my Superman Glide.  I love floating, on my back or on my front, but I do worry that if I float for too long it will look like I'm dead and someone will blow a whistle and jump in and rescue me...

But swimming makes me hungry and so I made a pudding:

This is it before the crumble topping, but it looked bland and the pears (a bargain at the farm shop, and now I know why) looked woody and tasteless.  So I raided Mr Gonecycling's stash of after-dinner dark chocolates and had a go at improving things

It worked quite well, but the pears were a bit watery.  So of course someone had to drink the excess pear chocolate raspberry juice with a spoon.  It wasn't me.

Meanwhile, my head has been fried by the traditional September activity of writing a scheme of work and devising a year's worth of meaningful learning objectives.  I still haven't managed all my samples, but we plod on.  I have managed the superb wheeze of ordering a great mountain of supplies for my course, as the admin office gave me the wrong figure for my budget and sorry folks, I've spent it.  Too late!

Laters.  'tis Friday and time for telly.


  1. That looks amazingly decadent with the chocolate added. Enjoy your extra supplies, nice when the mistake is someone else's and you are the one who benefits.

  2. Breathing is certaily the best excersise we can do, specially mindfully!

    I'm so lucky I love courgettes, re below, but the DH keeps sauteing them in butter, shame ;) Courgette bread, hey? Love those samples, wish I could do your class.

    Come & walk in these hills anytime!


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