Monday, 12 September 2011

Creative courgettes

First up, cake.  Obviously

Same recipe I use for carrot cake traybake, but with was squared off and the end bit cut into pieces to freeze for the Girl's lunchbox this week...she was most upset when she realised the icing doesn't freeze...

Next in line, courgette muffins

Yuk.  They are a bit spongy.  Think I'll try courgette scones instead next time.  These are now in the freezer for the Whippet's teatimes this week (thanks Mum!)

And then for lunch on Saturday (and Sunday and Monday and just about squeaking into seems to keep well....) courgette cluster bread, which had bigger clusters than I thought...

We even had stuffed courgettes for dinner on Friday.  Girl was sceptical, but decided it was quite nice actually.  Oh yes, and I sneaked a tiny one into last night's dinner - but as I'd already confessed to the fennel I thought I'd keep quite about the courgette....

And I've been creative on other fronts too

Preparing a year's worth of samples for teaching - deadline in 12 days.  Yes I can.


  1. A year's worth of teaching samples.... 12 days? Why does that sound so familiar. I gave up trying to sneak courgettes into cakes. The family were suspicious of the green bits!

  2. WOWzers that bread is amazing!! Clever you. I'm your no. 20 fan, simply because I think you have a lovely blog, great pics and a wicked sense of humour!
    Hope you're having a fab weekend :))


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