Sunday, 19 June 2011

I'm in heaven

or at least I soon will be.

We've finally made the decision to go here again this summer:

Deciding where to go wasn't really the hard part.  After all, this will be our seventh year going to the same place: the Girl doesn't remember spending summer holidays anywhere else.  Depressingly, the decision rested on whether Mr Gonecycling had had just a little too much time to go cycling this year and not enough time writing words in exchange for hard cash.

But in the end it was this weekend's weather that swung it for us.  Wrapped up in waterproofs for our whippet walks, with the drizzle dripping off the end of our noses, someone sooner or later pipes up "Camping, anybody?" and we know we just have to go again.  It doesn't always rain...and if we do get wet, someone will dry us off with big fluffy towels:

And so, despite having a mountain of preparation to do for the Art Trail, part of me is in heaven already.  I've dug out lists and notebooks from previous years, packed full of indispensable advice such as "red fruity teabags are good", "take a large ginger cake", "bottle of cold rosé from the bar 7€" and not forgetting gems such as "Best baguette from yellow bakery 1€, exploding bread 85¢"I've even got the drawing I did of how we packed the car last year.

And most fun of all, I've started a chart of Eurotunnel crossings, arrival times and estimated driving times, taking into account the time spent queuing for every single blimmin' autoroute toll on the way home last year...


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  1. Ah...I read about this place in your linkdoodles a while back I think. (Have noted it for future reference.)
    Its great to have something to look forward to :-)


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