Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Busier than a one-armed paper-hanger

(Dolly Parton, Steel Magnolias).

Some people have been doing a lot of this:

while others have been creating more of this:

There was some dispute after the last pictures I put up of my table, with people suggesting it wasn't really mess.  So here's a close up.  The screwdriver has been living there for at least a week, not sure what it was used for but it obviously needs to be kept handy.

Reassuringly, a theme is emerging:

Blue.  Lots of it.  Hmmm.

But I've moved on from "big" things to "small" things, easy wins (I hope):

These now have assorted dingle-dangles and are little brooches.  I've only just stitched the pins on, and I'm supposed to be getting ready to go and teach (last session of the year) so I'll have to post a pic of the finished ones another time. 

And if my East Sussex public don't feel the need to adorn themselves with embroidered felted dingle-dangles, I've signed myself up for an Etsy shop - to be launched post-Art Trail!


  1. I'm impressed the screwdriver has only been there for a week. Your dingly dangly brooches look lovely.

  2. OK you win! Lovely calming 'blue' pieces & exciting little colorful pieces ;) I'd thought of an Etsy shop after half the Christmas craft fairs being cancelled - I'll get to it! Best of luck!

  3. Well, I thought I'd alread followed you, ages ago! I like being 13 tho ;)

  4. Thank you for being number 13!

  5. Your mess makes a great still life. I love your brooches. Good luck with your show.


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