Friday, 1 April 2011

'Nuther landscape

Here's yet another landscape after I told myself I wouldn't do one again:

But I was quite pleased with the sketch, done on a dog walk last week. 
I really liked the lines of trees and criss-cross fields, and the view across to the Downs.

The background is paper and fabric collage, overpainted with some watered down "jasmine white" from a tester pot found in the garage, then sealed with some acrylic matt varnish used for the shelves in the porch...I then stitched all over with the "utility" stitch patterns on my machine.

I won't be doing it again and definitely don't recommend the above method for making a background - I had to hoover a fine dust of paint particles from the innards of the Bernina. 


  1. It looks lovely. Hope your Bernina doesn't suffer any ill effects!

  2. Well, I don't think there's anything 'utility' about it at all! My DH keeps sugesting a stitched landscape is something our customers might like, but I can only do bits of landscape ;)I'm sure you'll try it again one day as you have the nack, maybe avoid the emulsion & varnish!:)


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