Sunday, 6 March 2011

Blog world

Yesterday the lovely Gina Ferrari came to our Guild to give a talk and share her wonderful work and I got to meet a blogging pal!  I must admit I was a bit tongue-tied - being someone who can feel awkward meeting new people, I found it slightly surreal meeting the real person from the blog - so apologies if I seemed a little strange, Gina - it wasn't personal, it's just me!

There was our usual faff about how to arrange the tables and more than a bit of a scrum around Gina’s table as she unpacked all her bags of treasure, but undeterred Gina’s talk was very inspiring and even kept the old biddies at the back awake. 

It was particularly interesting to learn that Gina's background, and her father in particular, encouraged her into an academic career, but now she is making her living doing all the things that she wasn't allowed to do at school.  Oh how that resonates.  Except I didn't even have the confidence-inspiring words "you'll never make money at art", I was just told that if I didn't commit myself to passing my A levels and getting to university, I may as well just get a job in Tesco - what a choice.

But while the embroidery was of course fantastic, I have to admit that I was most impressed by Gina’s refreshing approach to housework and resolved at once to accept with equanimity the state of fluff and disorder that is my own home!

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  1. You didn't seem the least bit strange, just perfectly lovely. I confess that I have been shamed into doing some housework this afternoon... I was SO EMBARASSED by all the fluff in that orange dress! Lovely to meet you Iz.


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