Monday, 30 August 2010

A champion is born

All muzzled up, ready to go.

In the zone...focus....focus....

Whereupon it all fell apart.  He wasn't watching the lure, he was watching the other dogs.  When the flag went and they were released, he set off looking for a jolly good game of running in circles.  When he realised they'd all run off up the track, he set off at a sprint to catch which time they'd all disappeared over the brow of the hill.  So he ran over to Mum to ask what to do, and Mum said to go back to Dad, so he did.  Then we handed back the muzzle and took him off for a cup of tea and decided the whippet's racing career had probably started and finished with that one race.

But he did win 6th in Junior Handler, with The Girl.  And got a rosette.

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