Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Sampler cushion

So I've finally finished it; the thing just wouldn't lay down and die - first the panel was too small for my cushion pad so I needed to extend it - which involved dyeing more fabric - then it was a bit too big, which called for some tricksy sewing....and then I had to finish off the ends of the cords, and couldn't be bothered anymore to make tassles...so I decided to make organza flowers instead, and spent a frustrating half-hour before breakfast wondering why my embroidery hoop of organza kept jolting, until I realised I still had the feed dogs up - and this is to demonstrate machine embroidery skills to prospective students! Ho!

Here is one of the wretched organza flowers:

and here is some cable stitch writing (and a whippet paw) that only got cut off a little bit...(the writing not the paw):

All shamelessly Pam Watts-esque, as it woz her who taught me to do this stuff...

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  1. I thought I recognised the Pam Watts influence! (She taught me too!)


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