Monday, 15 October 2012

Colour, texture, line - everywhere

We hadn't seen each other all week.  We're all so busy, what with schooling and violining and cycling and teaching and cityandguildsing and cleaning and dogwalking and allypallying.

So to put things right, we went on a pilgrimage to Wakey.

We took cake (butternut, cinnamon frosting), flask of coffee, milk, forks, stickywipes, forgot the mugs and had to beg some cardboard ones, and we took a camera.

We found a labyrinth:

600 metres long and 12,000 bricks!

And we found a favourite view:

some lines

some texture 

and some colour

I'm really enjoying how teaching this course is making me go back to the beginning. 
But why do we talk of going "back" to basics?  Maybe basics is a good place to stay.

(Uhoh, unexpected rant coming have been warned)

In the Knitting & Stitching Show catalogue, there was an ad for a certain magazine, purporting to be about the "simple things" in life, the things that matter most - like interiors, lifestyle etc.  AGGHHHHH!!!!!  Stupid people.  Those are the things that matter LEAST!!!! 

Sorry about that.

To make up for the rant, here is some knitted village from the K&S show:


  1. Lovely pictures from Wakey, I always find the patterns in a labyrinth fascinating.

    Wasn't that knitted village great - I especially loved the house with the vegetable garden, but then I guess I would!

  2. I can't believe you actually took photographs of that knitted village.

  3. Wakey looks like a lovely place! And you had sunshine too? Lucky girl..
    And please don't talk about gorgeous cakes as I'm not allowed to eat wheat any more ;-)
    As for the knitted village......


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