Thursday, 1 December 2011


...from clearing up my desk.

I can't help it.
I'm supposed to be tidying up but I keep finding little bundles of fluff and thread like this:

Would you look at those colours?  Beautiful.
But what can I do with it? 
Put it in a little plastic ricotta pot (washed) and hoard it, of course!

And then there's this little bundle of bits:

The trimmings from the edge of the advent calendar I made for the NEW LITTLE person, due to arrive anytime soon...the advent calendar I didn't take a photo of because I had to deliver it in person to the prospective very tired people  parents at very short notice on Tuesday and didn't finish it until 11pm Monday....sorry!

Like the soon-to-be-born little niece/nephew, these snippets of linen and cotton are truly tiny:

and as if by magic they are stitched together down one side...what else can they become, other than a book?

Why does it take me all day to tidy my desk?


  1. I would be distracted too, sitting amidst all those pieces of beauty! Love those colours. penny

  2. Oh I know this problem only too well! It would be wrong to just put them away without creating and fiddling wouldn't it!

  3. I recognise this distraction


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