Thursday, 3 November 2011

Red dots of loveliness

Bit of a mad day couple of days (aren't they all?)

First off, having enrolled myself on an "increase your fluency in French" course (see no. 3 on the holiday resolutions list), I spent two hours yesterday morning in mild panic at not being able to remember my avoirs and my etres.

While I was out, the Whippet had been a Very Good Boy and slept all morning, so I took him out for a bit of squirrel chasing, came back and mounted up a few pieces of work, "cooked" dinner (slightly ashamed to say that I switched on the oven and used some scissors to open the pizza box...) and then went to teach for three hours.

But when I came home it seemed that somebody hadn't been a Very Good Boy any more and I was told terrible tales of puppies eating beds and table cloths and barking naughtily and getting the jellywobbles about fireworks...(this is the same Whippet who ate a bit more of the dining room door on Monday when there were fireworks and he was alone for ten minutes).

So there was nothing for it but to stay up with the Very Nervous and Trembly Whippet and make a few cards:

which I finished some time after one o'clock in the morning.  But when I turned the light off, the Boy turned into a Very Lonely Whippet and did Barking and Singing.  We had a little chat, the Boy and I, and we all eventually got to sleep at 2am.

But no time for a lie-in!  Time to get up and drive to East Grinstead to help set up the exhibition:

Sorry for the gloom, the skies had gone black and torrential rain was lashing the windows by the time I got to take the photos.

Guess who did a Linda Monk workshop and made yet another chimney:

And because we needed more "big things" I took in my tree wallhanging, made in an inspired session of feltmaking a few years ago:

And already there are red dots!  Red dots of loveliness! 

So all the madness is worth it after all.

Now we just need to fix the Whippet.


  1. I love your new chimney, and I'm so pleased you have red dots already - well done :-) I went to stage school in East Grinstead many moons ago, I wish I lived nearer so I could visit the exhibition, and re-live some old memories. Hope it continues to provide many more red dots for you!

  2. I haven't had such a good laugh for ages - The Whippet sounds like a character! What is it with these whippets (or in my case, whippet crosses).

    Mine is Nervous and Trembly, but luckily has yet to chew a door!

    BTW the exhibition looks great!


  3. Oh these whippet tales are so funny for readers but so frustrating for you. Is this what i have in store? I remember going out to a bonfire and leaving our dogs in the 'washhouse' . When we got back there was not much left of the old Victorian wooden door. Most of it was in between daisy's teeth, and she had worn her claws down so far that they were bleeding. We never left them in there again. No we left them in the kitchen the following year . This time, they enlarged the catflap.....

  4. Hi! My first visit to your blog, I come via Jackie's blog, your blog was mentioned in a comment by Living to work! The Whippet tail is a warning, I definitely wont be leaving my puppy alone over this weekend! Your tail made me laugh not sure I'd laugh if it happened to me, especially the 2am part, I need my sleep!!! I'll be visiting again.

  5. Well done on the red dots! Poor little whippet... (and poor you)

  6. ha ha we have a lurcher and a terrier cross we need to fix before tomorrow's night firework fiasco .....had to stay all night with mine last night as there were rumblings of thunder and flashes of lightning that they must have thought were rockets or something ...x

  7. Looks like an excellent exhibition...would love to visit! Great news re: red dots (of loveliness) :-)


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