Saturday, 5 November 2011


I'm still reeling.

After my marathon card-making stint on Wednesday (or was it already Thursday?) night, and having a cracking start to the exhibition as soon as it opened, I got up early on Friday and sat in my PJs to finish off some little life-form keyrings, then got dressed, scoffed some muesli, saw the Girl off to school, walked the dog and hurried over to the next county to put said keyrings in my little basket of goodies at the exhibition.

But I was told that I should take them home again.
To let "other people have a chance of selling some work".
Perhaps I could bring them in another day if they were needed.

So of course I just mumbled something about a half-empty basket looking a bit pathetic, put them in my basket anyway, then left.  I couldn't really say anything because my jaw was somewhere around my ankles.

But now I'm worried. 
Is thirteen keyrings going over the top?  Is it too much?  Am I taking over? 
Perhaps I'm stopping all the other people from selling their little life-form keyrings. 

Guess what the first sale in the first five minutes of the exhibition was.  Go on, guess.

Yes!  A little keyring.


  1. You just keep them coming, girl! Pick up your jaw & sit tight watching those red dots, no smirking, now ;)

  2. well you know the saying ....'first it's keyrings then it's the world !!'....:).....extraordinary !!..x

  3. How strange....those keyrings are wonderful.

  4. Which is also to say, imho, that the people organising that show know js about retail! the point is to have choice - more choice means that more people will be encouraged to purchase!

    Many years ago (seriously, many!) I ran craft fairs in aid of our local NCT (this was in south London) and the success of the shows was having variety and lots of it and lots of different things to buy!

    Lordy lord!


    ps hope The Whippet is ok. Last night saw frantic panting and general doggy hell in our house!

  5. Thank you everyone! I'm glad I'm not going mad and developing some sort of megalomania! The proof of the pudding will be when we tot everything up on Wednesday afternoon...and re. the fireworks, we found that obedience practice for cheese cubes trumped everything! Never mind the bangs outside, just hand over the double gloucester...

  6. Oh yes, and hello to new followers! It's wonderful to have you here!

  7. I've enjoyed your blog and textile projects. The key rings are really cool!
    best from Tunisia,

  8. I would say 'the more the merrier' ;-) Good for you!!

  9. At a recent exhibition that I was part of we were told not to have too many small things as people just buy them as a token, rather than spend money on the bigger things. Maybe that's their philosophy too. I'm glad you had sales though it makes it all seem worthwhile.

  10. Bit late to this one but it seems to me they didn't know what they were talking about!


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