Friday, 30 September 2011

Beware the giant oystercatcher of doom

Gosh it seems like I've actually achieved something this week!

I had a lovely time with the Girl last Sunday.
We played cutting and sticking, and I had a go and those Sue Dove collages (see Carolyn Saxby's blog - I found the instructions on Workshop on the Web for July 2001).

I'm not sure I did it "right" and I found the oil pastels difficult, so this is my first effort:

and then I gave up with the pastels and used childrens' crayons, which worked better:

Then FINALLY this week I finished enough teaching samples to go and meet my students and teach the first class.  What a lovely group!  Most of them seem quite good already, so I hope I can think of ways to stretch them!

And while it's been so hot and sunny, it's been perfect for playing with water soluble. 
I've had this little idea noodling around on the "to do" list for ages, so this is it WET

and this is it DRY and (sort of) mounted:

We'll be doing these after Christmas, so I'm ahead!  Woo hoo!

Of course, when I decided I'd had enough of stitching teaching samples and could do my own thing, I couldn't think of what it was I wanted to I picked up Blob 2 and started to stitch that.

This is how Blob 2 started out:

and this is Blob 2 at breakfast this morning (sorry about shadows, was very sunny already)

Blob 1 was started last year, as documented here and now looks like this!

I just love those marble eyes...

I am inordinately excited by the Blobs, but need to come up with a new name for them.

And finally, the title of this post.
Last Sunday when playing with glue and scissors, I also made a sort of fantasy landscape

I love it, and I think it means I should live on the edge of a wild landscape, by the ocean, but somewhere warm enough to grow flowers.  Somewhere like this
But Mr Gonecycling with his eagle eyes took one look at it, clocked the cyclists, and said

"Blimey, haven't they noticed the giant killer oystercatcher standing on that hillside?"


  1. Hi - I used Carolyn's blog as a bit of inspiration for my own doodlings earlier this week - but very loosely. It just set me off on a doodling journey which has nicely filled a couple of pages in my sketchbook. My attempts are shown on my blog ( ) I didn't have the right ingredients so just went off on a flight of fancy on my own. I really like the results though, and more opportunity exists when scanned and 'photo shopped'.

    The blobs look very interesting! I cannot quite work them out, but they look good!

    Loving your blog.


  2. What an inspiring post! Your blobs are crazy and colourful.... and the teaching samples are luscious :-) What lucky students.


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