Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Marking time

Here 'tis then, my 100th post! 
To celebrate I wanted to do a little giveaway. 

After mounting all my Art Trail work on canvases, I had lots of little pieces of wood left over.  I think they're supposed to go in the corners of the stretcher bars to stretch the canvas.  I started to bung them all in, then didn't think I needed them so I took them all out.  I have loads now, littering my desk.  I wanted to do something creative with them and I wanted to make something for my giveaway.

One idea was to wrap the little bit of wood in fabric and thread and beaded wire and use my new toy*  to attach a brooch back:
 (*glue gun! hot dribbles of gluey stuff! the Girl is also mightily excited by its arrival)

It looks huge in this photo, it wasn't.  Past tense - it has been dismantled, after it was deemed too strange and lumpy, and because it didn't hang properly on a Tshirt but just looked odd.

So then I tried this (sorry about the lack of focus - story of my life):

A flatter piece of embellisher felt/embroidery stuck on to a black-painted small piece of wood, with brooch back attached (hot glue!).  But again, it didn't hang properly - it sorted of wobbled over to one side.  So now it's on my bag strap.

At this point I gave up.  Anyone got any bright ideas on how to use up lots of little rectangles of wood?  (They were pointy, but I hacksawed the ends off and sanded them smooth.  Almost DIY).

SO after all that, my giveaway is now going to be one of my little books! 

A tiny little handmade book, with lining paper pages.  The pages can be removed when they are full and either replaced with something similar, or you could then use the cover as a credit card holder - there are little pockets inside each cover which hold the pages in place, which could then hold credit or business cards or whatever you wish.  The cord just wraps around and the beaded ends can be looped through to fasten.

To win yourself a little book, just leave me a comment on what else I could try to do with all my little pieces of wood!  I'll ask the Birthday Boy to pick a name by pointing with his needle-nose:

One doggy birthday cake, two candles.  Please can i eat it now mum i'm drooling all over the mat.

Special mince and carrot doggy cake with yoghurt icing and bacon sprinkles.  Yum!

NEXT on the agenda, I've been nominated for one of these awards!

Thank you Bee!  In return I would like to nominate Emma, up there on the island of my ancestors, Chloe and her birdies and last but not least Linda - I am in awe of anyone who can stick at anything for 34 years, but especially teaching!

MEANWHILE, here are a few photos of the Art Trail bits that didn't get their close up before:

The books sold really well, bestselling item at 36%.  Pictures/hangings came in at 29%, but I didn't sell as many as I would have liked.  But then again, I'm not sure anyone else at our venue sold anything much.  I could be wrong there.  We had a fair number of visitors, but not as many as I would have hoped for.  However, I had very positive feedback and everyone said they loved my work, so that was a massive boost to the self-confidence!  And as a direct result I've already got four people enrolled in my course for next term, and the brochure's only been out a week!

Here are some of my brooches - these came in at 11%, the same as bookmarks:

I sold loads of these, and had to make more mid-week.  They're laminated paper and sheers, with machine stitch and an embroidered/beaded cord.  I worked out that eight of these takes about the same time as one brooch, and the money is the same - swings and roundabouts.  I only sold a few brooches, but that's the same as quite a lot of bookmarks...

And I really enjoyed making these cards, but people seemed to prefer the bookmarks:

Cards were only 9%.

The remaining 4% was a bag, made a year or so ago, found in a drawer mid-week and added to the display, sold at 4pm on the last day!

So all in all, it was a hugely tiring week but very good to do - I made a lot of new contacts, my course is almost certainly going to run in September now, and I made a bit of dosh for my holiday spending money - (except I've already spent some of it on my new gluey gun!).  It took two days to tidy my desk and the end of the table, but I finally closed the doors of my desk/cupboard yesterday.  Only to open them again to help the Girl make a Button Babe and a Birdie brooch for her teacher and teaching assistant:

Phew!  Time for a sit down.  But don't forget to enter the giveaway first! 


  1. Such wonderful colours in your work, I would love to join in the giveaway :) As for the wooden pieces, maybe make miniature photo frames with them. x

  2. I end up with loads of those wooden bits too... my suggestion... bin them!(that's what I do!) Pleased the art Trail was a success

  3. I would love to enter your giveaway, stretch some embellished fabric around them, and keep it in place with that amazing glue gun of yours.... and if it's strong enough, glue the pin on, or stitch it on if it isn't....
    Sue Xxx

  4. Drill a couple of holes in the top edge, and then paint the bits of wood, dribble hot glue over when dry, (you could stamp into the hot glue also, talc on a rubber stamp, press and leave until cold before removing) then apply treasure gold to the raised glue. Attach a few dangly beads from the holes and attach to grossgrain ribbbon to the botom - a bookmark???

  5. I think your(clever)percentages are great but a big percentage is the experience, the getting yourself in front of people & the self validation of you making these beautiful things whether bought or not.(I tell myself this to keep going towards September's show!)

    Loved the bits of wood efforts. Try one drilled hole & cover one side (or 2) with a combination of brooches, bookcover, bookmark & dangly beads into a hanging decoration/ornament for everyday or Christmas (did I say that word in July?)Would love to win! x

  6. I like all these ideas so far - especially the ones involving using more glue! I'm trying hard to ignore Gina's suggestion to chuck them all away...keep the ideas coming, I'm going to call time on this before the end of Friday ie. tomorrow.


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